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/ month

  • Collection + Report
  • Unlimited use
  • 5 demo reports
  • Live or post-game tagging
  • Intuitive two-handed navigation
  • 40 different default actions
  • Real-time generated reports
  • Both team and player stats
  • News feed, ranking lists, activity map and more…
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Pro (Season)



/ season

  • Collection + Report + Video
  • All Basic features included
  • 14-day free trial
  • Video highlights on the go
  • Seamless video integration
  • Play directly from SD card, no video conversion
  • Jump to any type of video playlist in seconds
  • Premium access to our upcoming features
  • Add & Edit tags (coming soon)
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Pro (Yearly)



/ year

  • Collection + Report + Video
  • All Basic and Pro (Season) features included
  • 14-day free trial
  • Save 32%
  • Leasing of an Android tablet (optional)
  • Flic button for free!


What is LevelUP?

It’s the perfect tool for football coaches! With our software, we help you to get powerful stats and instant video highlights on your team.

How does a typical workflow look like with your system?

(1) Record your game on camera, (2) Have an assistant use the Android app to collect the important moments of the game, (3) Use the Flic button to add your own tags with a simple click, (4) After the game, put the SD card from your camera to your Android tablet, (5) Synchronize your video to your report (30 sec.), (6) Start you game analysis (immediately after the game)

What is Flic?

Flic is a wireless button that you get for free attached to our yearly plan. You can use it to easily add a tag during a game, without the need of using the app. Perfect for coaches that are too busy to take notes during a game but they want to save some moments to review on video for later.

What devices can I use the app on?

Tablets running an Android OS (Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, etc.) however we do not recommend Samsung. Our app works well on 7 and above inches.

Will it be available on iPad?

Yes, we are working on it. However, the reason we prefer Android tablets is that most of them have a microSD port, and you can easily run your videos from any external drivers (SD, microSD, USB).

Can I view my reports on my laptop?

No, our web application currently only shows your account and plan information. We are working on displaying your reports and highlights on our web app as well.

How can I cancel my subscription?

When you login to your dashboard, you will find a little trash button next to your plan. Just click there. Your Pro account will be active until your current plan runs out, afterwards you will be downgraded to our free Basic plan.

How do I switch plans?

In your dashboard, you will see an “Upgrade” or “Change plan” button. Click there and select your new plan.

I’m a coach, how can my club pay for my subscription?

Ask you manager or treasurer to create an account in our web application, then invite you through the dashboard with your existing username. Once you accept the invitation, the manager or treasurer can upgrade and pay for your plan.

I’m a manager, how do I invite my coaches?

Login to our web application, then invite the coaches with their existing usernames (if they already have an account) or their name and email (if they haven’t). Once they accept your invitation, you’ll be able to upgrade and pay for their plan.

This is exciting, how can I hear more about your project?

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